Saturday, May 16, 2015

Kids Room Glitter Picture Frames

I went to a well known craft department store the other day to go look for a glitter frame.  

Lets see,  I found one glitter frame for $20.00 (no way).
(bottle of nice craft glitter $4.00 at craft store) hmmm another (Heck no way!).

Thought to self :) Perhaps I can make it.

Decided to Drive to Target to look for a frame.  Metal frames white $3.99 (finally a good deal) $1.99 acrylic shimmer paint x 2 $4.00 (feeling happy)

Drove home..looked for some glitter in my studio catch all box...none (darn) found some half used glitter pink nail polish (right on!)

Feeling crafty, Saved $ and I'm really excited to finally frame those pictures I have had sitting around for months.

Final project cost 4 frames total approx. $21.00 completed.

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